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Thu, 19 Sep 2019

October Tyre Safety Month - Free Tyre Checks!

Don't Ignore Your Tyres

Safe Tyres Save Lives - Check Them Once a Month

As summer draws to a close end and with winter just around the corner, October is dedicated as Tyre Safety Month. The scheme gives you the opportunity to have your tyres checked for free before the rain and cold weather sets in and when roads are at their most dangerous. For a motorcycle tyre to be legal in the UK it needs to be at least 1.0mm tread depth around the circumference of the tyre for 75% of the central width and the remainder of the original pattern must be visible.

In the interest of safey it is recommended that you always fit the same make on the front and rear. You should always choose a tyre that best suits its purpose. for example if you are riding all year round, a sports or sports-touring tyre is recommended. They are designed to give great grip in a wide variety of different weather conditions.

Always check you tyre pressures at least once a week when they are cold. Inproper tyre pressure will cause rapid wear, increase fuel consumption and provide less control. Over-inflation reduces ride comfort and contact with the road which means less grip! Under-inflation gives poor handling and the bike will "wander". New tyres should be run-in at a maximum of 60mph for the first 100 miles with no sudden braking or changes of direction, this gives the tyres times to adjust properly.

MOT Only £25!

Come down to our Guildford dealership and book your MOT with us in October you will only pay £25!!