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Fri, 08 Sept 2017

Ardennes Trip 8th - 11th September 2017

Washington RAT club are organising this great experience at a 4 star hotel in Bastogne which serve as our base for the whole trip. The trip is ideal for anyone new to motorcycling abroad as seasoned European riders.

The Ardennes region has fantastic twisty road, stunning scenery across open countryside and mountainous wooded areas, plus plenty of history and place of interest.


The Trip

On the first day, by taking the Eurotunnel taking us from Calais to Cambrai, we will head into the Ardennes following the Meyse and Semois rivers to Bastogne. The second day takes us through twisty roads to Dinant and onto to La Roche-en-Ardennes, whilst on the third day we'll be heading to the Eifel Mountains and the Biker Ranch at Simerath. The forth and final day we head back home via Bouillon and onto Calais.



  • Optional one night stay at Holiday Inn Folkestone £61.20.
  • Eurotunnel crossing £56.00 - riders are responsible for booking their crossings.
  • Melba Hotel Bastogne - Single occupancy £61.30 per night, dual occupancy £71.33 per night. 

Hotel rooms are reserved but riders are responsible for settling room costs. Hotel rooms come with an en-suite with bath and shower, hair dryer and WC as well as a mini bar, coffee maker, flat screen tv, and more importantly WiFi access. A buffet style breakfast is included in the room rate. 


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